Generally binding regulations

Legislative act of the Municipal Council

Legislative act of the municipal council is that it can issue generally binding regulations (“GBRs” or “Regulations”)

GBRs are “local laws” that in the municipality govern the rights and obligations of physical persons and corporates involved in the implementation role of government and in the fulfilling of the tasks of transferred state administration.

GBRs in matters of local government are GBRs in the areas of: management of municipal property; management of the cemetery; management of the marketplaces; determining the time of purchase in store or operating hours of services; approval of land use documentation and individual zones within it.

GBRs to ensure transferred state administration are, for example, in the areas of: dog breeding, registration of farm animals; determination of the flooded area with small rivers flow proposed from the administrator of the stream

Validity of GBR

The condition of GBR validity is its displaing made by posting on the official notice board in the municipality at least 15 days before the meeting of the council on the draft regulation. Proposal for a Regulation will be published on the website in the same period, if it exists. The date of deployment commences 10-day period during which remarks can be applied to the draft regulation.

Efficiency of GBR

Condition for coming to force is its declaration. The declaration shall be made by posting on the official board of the municipality for at least 15 days.