Taxes and charges

Prices of services provided by the municipality Povrazník

renting a cultural center with the use of dishes 30 EUR
renting dishes 10 EUR
A4 photocopy BW 0,05 EUR
statement on local radio 3 EUR

Local taxes valid from 1.1.2016

  • property tax (land tax, tax on buildings, tax on apartments and office space in an apartment building)
    Value of land
    arable land 0,0647 EUR per 1m2
    permanent grassland 0,0189 EUR per 1m2
    forest land 0,0773 EUR per 1m2
    building land 13,2775 EUR per 1m2
  • dog tax (7 EUR per dog for one calendar year)
  • tax on use of public space (0.07 to 1 EUR per each day and each started m2
  • accommodation tax (0.50 EUR per person per night)
  • tax for vending machines (50 to 250 EUR per vending machine and calendar year)
  • tax for winning gaming machines (35 to 335 EUR per device and per calendar year)

Local charges valid from 1.1.2016

  • fee for municipal waste and minor construction waste (0.0274 EUR per person and calendar day, ie 10 EUR per person per year; 0.078 EUR per kilogram of minor construction waste free of pollutants)

GBR on local taxes and local fees