Distress call

112Common emergency number 112
Police: 158
Ambulance: 155
Fire brigade: 150

To emergency number 112 you can call from any phone, landline, mobile or payphone. Dial numbers without an area code 1-1-2 and wait on the other side of the line sounds operator. Calls to the emergency number 112 is permitted to the nearest coordination center of integrated rescue system.

Emergency number should be called only in cases where there is immediate danger to human life, health, property or the environment and when you need immediate intervention components of the integrated rescue system:

  • fire in building, automotive vehicles, forest or other objects; If you see smoke or flames from the windows of buildings, forests, etc.,
  • natural disasters – floods, windstorms, heavy snow fall, when there was a threat to human life, health or property,
  • serious traffic accidents in which they are injured or killed people,
  • robbery or theft (eg. automotive vehicles, purses, luggage, etc.,
  • robber breaking into buildings or motor vehicles,
  • if you need to rescue people trapped in a crashed car or under the rubble of fallen buildings or trees,
  • if you find a suspicious luggage, which could be placed explosive,
  • if you find a person lying on the ground unconscious,
  • if you witness violence, fights or riots,
  • if you witness a suicide attempt,
  • serious injuries – when you can not stop the bleeding, when someone’s choking or can not breathe, if someone has suffered an electric shock,
  • to notify the facts to the police for criminal activity or information query or persecuted persons.

Avoid the misuse of the 112 emergency number!
Calling to emergency number 112, if you really need no help, you block the line and others in distress can’t use it. Maybe you may need help once.

To not call the emergency number 112

  • If it is evident that there is no immediate threat,
  • If you just want to find out if an emergency call functions,
  • To report a fictional event,
  • If you want to just have fun,
  • If you simply want to inform about something (eg. The phone numbers, timetables, etc.).