Civil protection and crisis management

General principles

If you become an eyewitness of any incident, it must be PROMPTLY notified as a clear and concise information on phone emergency numbers .

Try to always act calmly, deliberately and without panic and do not spread unverified news and informations in your area!!!

The basic organs of the Integrated Rescue Service IRS:
Fire and Rescue Service,
providers of emergency medical services,
control chemical laboratory of civil protection
Mountain Rescue Service,
Mine rescue service.

All components of the IRS are joined together, so if you are in distress and need help, call 112 !!!


What to do when you hear the siren

Crisis management

For ensuring the fulfillment of tasks during crises and emergencies Povrazník has established a crisis staff within the meaning of the Act no. 387/2002 of state management during crises outside wartime and state of war.

Important documents