The first written mention comes from the year 1424 under the name Powrazni and its history is linked with mining. In the past in a village lived almost 400 people.
At present people find here a quiet and comfortable place to live. And not only older but also young. They farm and still grow vegetables in their fields, rearing sheep, pigs and rabbits. Work is possible at local cooperatives or in the vicinity due to good bus links to Banska Bystrica.

The bell tower with bricked ground floor, a wooden floor and a columnar structure with formwork is situated here.

There is a museum room, opened in 2008, where they are restored exhibits from local people.

The inhabitants were specialized in knitting ropes mainly for mines in Ľubietová, Špania Dolina, Staré Hory and other mines. Near the bell tower there are three boulders carved with holes in them where equipped with wooden machines, craftsmen used to stretched and knit the ropes.

At the village there is a volcanic cave – Ďuriková hole and mountain Polana, which offers amazing experiences of a diverse nature, where with luck you can see even some of the large carnivores. Surrounding of Povraznik is also a popular location for mushrooms.

Povrazník has a reputation for beautiful wood opal and white sand beach.

Region: Banska Bystrica
District: Banska Bystrica
Microregion: Rentar
Company registration number: 00313742
Inhabitants: apr. 140
Area: 323 ha

Drawing of Povrazník
Drawing of Povrazník
Štefan Prukner - Drawing of Povrazník
Štefan Prukner – Povrazník
rok 1973, 35×50 cm, oil on cardboard