Detailed information on legal action


When applying for marriage (you will receive it at the registry office) both engaged couples must be present with the necessary documents (birth certificate, ID, valid judgment of divorce, foreigners also certificate of legal capacity for marriage). The date and hour of marriage will be to agree upon application.

Birth certificate

To obtain the first child’s birth certificate you have to submit the documents by the instructions mother will get when leaving the maternity hospital.


  1. before the birth – mother and father of the child must be in person and present both IDs and birth certificate (if the mother is divorced more than 300 days, so shall also submit a final judgment, if the widow, death certificate of former spouse).
  2. after the birth of a child – the same applies as in point 1. If one parent is a foreigner and does not speak Slovak, interpreter must be present at the court who you must to ensure (see list of interpreters at the Register Office).

Record in a separate registers – birth, marriage, death abroad

When applying for registration in the special registry office it is required to submit birth certificate, ID and appropriate registry document translated by a court interpreter into the Slovak language

  • for marriage also valid judgment of previous marriage
  • for birth since 1957 also the marriage certificate of parents

For citizens who have been granted citizenship of the Slovak Republic also the charter of citizenship and certificate of citizenship.

Withdrawal surname after divorce

At the local registry office is given notice of withdrawal surname after divorce only if you are married in our village (ie. the village belonging to the Register). The notification shall be accompanied by a final judgment of divorce and ID. Appliance may only be made within three months from the effective date of the divorce decree.